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2021/4/24/Day 18

SDK is apparently our bestie when we make double-checks on our page, an irreplaceable tool to access front-ended surface and its source codes. Abbreviated from the term “Software Development Kit”, literally, we could easily notice this kit-set is base on the instant condition of a page through the codes and require every unexpected mistake we probably have. Today, I’d like to share about how does SDK look alike, what it works its functions and how should we use it as a junior developer in 5 examples.

2021/4/22 Thursday Day 16

Every window page has its own mini database and we’d like to call it a local storage. One api is being input a set of key and value, an informative item could be sent back into local storage in a need of temporary saving. Image a local storage is as a repository which could keep some limited during a reload or some inconvenient damages, especially when we’re having a online shopping and just ordered an item into our chart, not lasts for good but long enough to keep our details not in valid.

2021/4/21 Wednesday, Day15

Promise, one of the most complicated concepts in operating an asynchronous mode in JavaScript. Apparently callback is the next feature we could come up in brain, and it’s clearly a strong similarity among callback and our leading figure promise. What the twist is, promise is not a function nor even a

2021/4/20 Tuesday, Day 14

There are several feathers using in JavaScript could help us understand the triangle relationships among DOMs. Nodes in DOM are within stratification, relations among each node could be divided into two types: the Parent Node and the Sibling node.

2021/4/19 Monday Day 13

Once having any experience of UI design, you’re surely realizing it’s common to use markup language and cascading style sheets, so-called HTML and CSS itself, as a tool kit to decorate, and with a typical coding language JavaScript could make a refined webpage happened in reality. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are always regarded as a set-up, like siblings, taking a major part on the stage of front-end operating systems. Somehow, this flavored situation would NOT stand for good in a forming trend, named “CSS in JavaScript”. …

2021/4/18 Saturday Day 12

After a brief lecture by keynote speak, Debby, a web designer, we have further concepts in practice to make our own routines while describing a potential project. This time, it’s a Whimsical to support us a brighter path to the kernel.

Within Whimsical, five different modes appear at its first page the beginning, Doc, Flowchart, Wireframe, Sticky Notes and Mind Map.

Take my set on operating a developing an essential of Basecamp through Mind Map as an example:

2021/4/17 Saturday Day 11

Let’ have a look on these two similar but differ from each other features forward. According to MDN, __proto__ seems to be barely recommended and no longer a relevant web standard, this feature is still in the use to keep for compatibility purposes solely.

2021/4/16 Friday Day 10

Fibonacci number is often utilized as an example while running as a logical context in JavaScript. I’m further wondering what is Fibonacci number? Why is so often to encounter a code exercise themed Fibonacci sequence? Here comes my preliminary digested reflection.

Definition of Fibonacci Number

Generally, Fibonacci numbers are commonly used on forming a tilling or spiral, often in mathematics or applied into programming developments and of its calculating regulations, such computer algorithms are being included in applications of Fibonacci numbers. Created by an Italian mathematician Leonardo Bonacci, Leonardo of Pisa, known as Fibonacci himself, the…

2021/4/15/ Thursday Day 9

DOM is an abbreviation of the term, ‘Document Object Model’, refer to an outlook of HTML elements, quoted Mr. PastLeo, our lecturer of JS.

DOM is also a cross-template and a language independent interface, refereed to Wikipedia. Its main function is to treat a HTML or XML document as a tree structure and inside of it occurs a …

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